2 FULL DAYS of: WORKSHOPS - COMPETITIONS - EVENTS/SHOWCASE *10 hours of classes with some of Australia's BEST choreographers *Enter your favorite solo routine to get personalised feedback from industry professionals and go in the running to perform in the SHOWCASE and win a FULL SCHOLARSHIP to the NXTGEN Project of your choice! *Attend freestyle competitions, watch guest acts, attend the SHOWCASE and MORE! **Age groups suitable for ages 8-ADULT!
‘NXTGEN Project’ takes dancers to the next level, giving them exposure to an authentic production environment guided by some of their favorite choreographers. Students will get the unforgettable experience of learning an entire show over 8 days and then performing it in a theatre. From our experience of working professionally in the performing arts industry, it is often elements other than the dance itself that young dancers struggle with once they start their own careers. We aim to equip our dancers with some of these tools as well as provide a project that they will never forget - and that is like no other!
What is the NXTGEN Project and why do we do it?
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